K. Flay Interview – Vinyl Mag

When you think “female rapper,” I’m sure you think of women along the lines of Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj. What you might not think of is a brown haired, punk rock chick with well-refined music tastes who has been performing on Vans Warped Tour for the last few months.

Up and coming rap artist K. Flay left her major label last fall and released her newest album, “Life As A Dog,” independently earlier this year. I had the chance to see her incredible set at the Atlanta date of Warped Tour last week, and I am officially in love. She’s adorable, full of energy, and ready for her takeover. We spoke with her about her music and her experience on Warped Tour and trust us, you’re gonna love her.



Best Of The Web Playlist – Vinyl Mag

In an age where the Internet reigns supreme, musicians are getting more and more comfortable garnering success via views and followers. When I think about online artists, one thing comes to mind: YouTube. YouTube musicians are in a league of their own, holding some of the biggest and most passionate followings in the music community.

This playlist gathers up the best of the web, musicians and artists from YouTube who are using their view counts to make it big. These artists range in age from teen to full blown adult, and range in genre from rap to a cappella. Check out the best of the web and see why YouTube musicians are the next big thing in music, and hopefully you’ll find a new favorite.


Stokeswood Interview – Vinyl Mag

Imagine a group like Young The Giant on 80’s dance steroids. That’s kind of what comes to mind when I try to describe the incredible and unique sound of five-piece Atlanta rock group Stokeswood.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the guys before their set this weekend at AthFest, and let me tell you – they’re awesome. Sometimes speaking with bands makes you realize that the people you thought were cool aren’t actually that cool.

But man, these guys are cool. After a long buffalo wing and World Cup filled discussion, we got down to business discussing their newest single, their killer logo, and of course, Smashmouth.


Fourth of July Playlist – Vinyl Mag

In middle school, I remember learning about the founding fathers and the Revolutionary War and thinking, “wow, this is completely irrelevant to my life.” These men shaped the America we have today and all, but I could probably recite the chapters of those American History textbooks by heart.  Sure, I understand the obvious implications of their existence, and I am thankful for my oh-so American freedoms, but I never quite understood why the education system felt the need to drill that information into my head year after year.


Party Dolls – Vinyl Mag Interview

After making their debut on Valentine’s Day 2013, the local collaborative supergroup, Party Dolls, knew they had created something awesome. Exactly one year later, they had an album under their belt, and they haven’t stopped playing since. Party Dolls, a conglomeration of members from multiple Athens/Atlanta area acts including The District Attorneys and Tedo Stone, will continue taking the local scene by storm this weekend at AthFest.