Lessons I’ve Learned From TV’s Manhattanite It-Girls

Allow me to brand an image into your mind’s eye: cool-girl, Manhattan goddess slings on her trunk show markdown Prada heels on her way to her all-too glamorous uptown job, catching the train with a bagel in hand (reduced fat cream cheese, of course) and not a hair out of place. This concept, my guiding light for as long as I can remember, seduced me into what could essentially be described as the underground it-girl poker ring of my mind, commandeered by Carrie Bradshaw herself, with weekly guest players like Serena van der Woodsen, Mindy Lahiri and Holly Golightly. The it-girl idea, while not necessarily the most realistic, is one that has inspired probably thousands of young girls like myself to whip out their collared shirts and carry their lattes with pride.