My academic focus is on the written and spoken word in its various forms. I am completing a B.A. in Media Studies with a minor in English Literature at Hunter College.


Media Coursework Outcomes

Production proficiencies in the Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign). Basic HTML & CSS understanding. Digital graphic design emphasis (Visual UX/UI design for web & mobile, typography, and logo design).

Global communications history and strategy.

Critical analysis of race, war, and politics through media. Specific emphasis on American political propaganda, race relations in the U.S., social media as a political tool, and Vietnam-era Hollywood media.

Game design and conceptualization.

Study of cult television and its appeal and business model. Particular focus on fandom studies & the academic theory behind “cult classics.”


English Coursework Outcomes

Understandings of American and British literature and poetry post-1800.

Basics of philosophy and literary theory/criticism, specifically Platonic, existential, & Lacanian thought.

Specific emphasis on the Gothic genre of literature and media and its political role.



Basic Latin and intermediate Spanish.

Foundations in anthropology, world religions, and sociology.