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Hi there! I’m Miranda.

I’m a freelance writer with an entertainment and millennial content focus. I primarily write about internet personalities, guilty pleasures, teen heartthrobs, music, and beauty. My work has been regularly published by HelloGiggles, NYLON, and BuzzFeed, as well as showcased through outlets like The Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, Thought Catalog, Inkport, and Vinyl Mag. I ran an online blog & magazine for six years, whose archives are still viewable here. I’m currently self-publishing a zine for young artists, & I also make YouTube videos when I have the time! I’ve also dabbled in web design, branding, marketing, and corporate blog management.

So what’s my unique angle? From pop culture to secret societies, much of my work is fueled by a desire to uncover and curate all of the interesting oddities the internet has to offer. I’m a purveyor of weird internet subcultures and am a bit of a jack of all trades. If you look really closely you might find a membrane of existential dread running through my body of work. Oh, and I love Shawn Mendes.