Gothic Summer

Weird, middle-of-nowhere Southern towns are great. They have serious Flannery O’Connor vibes and feel so gothic and forgotten, even when their streets are full. This town is called Madison, Georgia.

Being in these types of places always takes me back to things like Twin Peaks The Craft x Freaks & Geeks.

And, as you might know if you’ve been following me on literally any social media, I’m obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. As it turns out, the show was filmed in a town called Covington, not far from Madison. So you know I made the trip to Mystic Falls.

Visiting the towns where your favorite shows are set is such a surreal experience. Oddly, out-of-body and in-body at the same time. Like hey, this show is totally fake and everything is a lie, but also: my characters live here. I’m here. It’s very cool.


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